What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is a process that helps our community examine the current state of the organization, determine a desired future state, establish priorities, and define a set of actions to achieve specific measured outcomes. The process aims to answer three key questions:

  • What do the forces of change in our world mean for our community?

  • What’s our approach to dealing with these issues?

  • What must we do to succeed for our citizens?

Our approach

Organizational Vision

A visible, vibrant, and meaningful vision gives context to strategy. Vision statements are aspirational in nature, defining what the community wants to be or to achieve. The concept and practice of visioning was woven throughout our strategic planning process. Input was collected from our elected officials and extended planning team, both of which have unique perspectives carefully colored by their experiences with community stakeholders. Their statements have been thoughtfully summarized into an organizational vision for Lake in the Hills, which is expected to be refined as involvement in the visioning process is expanded.

We agree on what we are in business to do, and we will abandon yesterday’s initiatives, upset the status quo and take calculated risks to do it very well. We select and invest in the kind of people who pursue continuous self-improvement. We empower our stakeholders and provide access to collaborative opportunities in our pursuit of excellence. We believe we should be held to the highest standards in providing safety and comfort through an innovative municipal service model. 


The National Citizen Survey™ was conducted in the spring of 2017 to obtain resident input and help kick-start this process.


View the steps we took to develop the strategic plan.

The Plan

Check out the strategic plan that we will use over the next few years.


Follow along as the we roll out project plans for our Key Action Items.