Operational Excellence
Phase 3 Summary

What happened over the course of Phase 3?

We have created a project to implement an organization-wide program to pursue operational excellence to strengthen the Village’s financial health. The adoption of operational excellence as a core part of our overall strategy will be an on-going process. The purpose is to create a foundation to build upon so that operational excellence becomes a cornerstone tenet of our organizational culture.  The objective for Phase 3 is to transition the SWOT analyses findings and consultant study into four work products through the development of measures, philosophies and technology needs. They are as follows:

Implementation of the following
training philosophy:

The Village recognizes that its employees are our most important resource in providing excellent service to the community.  Through a shared responsibility between the Village and employees and investment in organizational talent, we strive to inspire an exceptional and engaged workforce. Therefore the Village will concentrate on providing training in the following three areas:

  • Training that provides an understanding and assimilation into the organizational and community culture of Lake in the Hills;
  • Training that offers employees job-specific skills and knowledge to perform their job as well as possible; and
  • Training that offers interested and productive employees the skillsets and tools needed for career progression.

Implementation of the following
compensation philosophy:

While maintaining financial health, the Village of Lake in the Hills is committed to compensating well in order to attract and retain qualified employees. To do so, the Village must compensate in a manner that is equitable across all employee groups, reflective of the external market, and provides recognition for the achievement of individuals who reach professional objectives or organizational goals. Specifically, our goal is to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Internal equity among all employee schedules
  • Competitive with the external market (53rd percentile)
  • Ability to attract and retain qualified employees
  • Provide incentives for performance and productivity
  • Administrative efficiency in the management of the Village’s Compensation and Classification System

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been developed for each division/department within the organization. These KPI’s will track the overall operational effectiveness and will be updated and monitored on a monthly basis and shared with stakeholders through a dashboard on the website as well as included in the annual budget document.


An assessment of current and available technology investments have been identified by each division/department through the annual budget process and are being recommended in the FY 19 Budget.

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