What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence means the smart investment in developing and engaging talent to be strategists at every level. Our OE discipline pursues the aggressive use of the right technology to continuously improve service delivery. We are relentless in our pursuit to remove redundancy and waste from processes. Our deeply data driven culture eliminates subjectivity from decision making and most effectively bridges service demands with available resources.

Why do we want to be excellent?

We want to fully engage our workforce to become strategists at every level. This will be achieved by creating a culture that supports a workforce that is:

  • Well trained

  • Well compensated

  • Provided with the right technology and equipment

  • Held accountable on clearly defined expectations

How do we plan to be excellent?

Through the pursuit of the value discipline called Operational Excellence. This projects core is to monitor, measure, and continuously improve results. The importance and significance of this initiative requires it be completed in the following phases:

Phase 1

Define and collect data.
– completed December 15, 2017

View the Phase 1 Scope
View the Phase 1 Summary

Phase 2

Analysis and assessment of data.
– complete by June 1, 2018

View the Phase 2 Scope
View the Phase 2 Summary

Phase 3

Development of measures, philosophies, and technology needs.

View the Phase 3 Scope
View the Phase 3 Summary

Phase 4

Recommendation and implementation.

View the Phase 4 and Project Summary

*Each phase will have its own scope, objective, due date, budget, and project plan.

Phase 1 is complete. The objective for Phase 2 is to define and assess data on the following project areas:

  • Development of a small set of key core measures

  • Development of a training philosophy

  • Development of a compensation philosophy

  • Assessment current and available technology investments

Who will ensure that we become excellent?

Realizing Operational Excellence will be primarily dependent upon the collaborative interest and investment of the Village Board and the entire workforce. Secondary stakeholder groups may provide input.  The team below is dedicated and committed to this project.

Shane Johnson,
Shane Johnson,Executive Sponsor
Assistant Village Administrator/Finance Director
Dan Kaup,
Dan Kaup,Project Manager
Public Works Director
Mary Frake,
Mary Frake,Core Team Member
Deputy Chief of Support Services
Lindsey Voss,
Lindsey Voss,Core Team Member
Human Resources Coordinator