Pursuing Renewed Focus

In 2017, the Village developed a strategic plan to help guide actions when planning for the future. The problem statement and guiding policy created at the time have a limited focus on just the financial health of the Village. To ensure Village efforts are focused on current needs, the development of a limited number of strategic goals and objectives was pursued to help sharpen the focus of staff efforts to meet the specific vision of the Board.

In the spring of 2021, the Village conducted a survey asking residents, businesses, employees, and special districts to provide some input on goals they would like to see the Village adopt. Survey results were analysed and on June 26, 2021, the Village Board met to discuss and define a set of strategic goals and objectives.

The Village’s strategic goals and objectives are included below.

Strategic Goals

Rakow Road from Above

Rakow Road from Above

  • Develop plans identifying development opportunities and detail the feasibility, needs, and challenges of each opportunity.
  • Develop visual representations of how the potential development area will appear to give developers a better idea of the Village’s plan and help to plan infrastructure needs.
Rec2U ProgramObjectives:
  • Review prior year’s successful programs and research current industry trends in recreation programs to effectively use existing and planned infrastructure and improve the demand for our programming.
  • Update and improve parks infrastructure to make the facilities more comprehensive and attract more regional users.
  • Create new partnerships with other parks and recreation organizations to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and breadth of our programming.
Financial AwardsObjectives:
  • Implement revenue growth without increasing property taxes for the average property owner.
  • Review current expenses to ensure the efficiency of spending.
Police StationObjectives:
  • Define the needs and objectives of the project including proposals for vacated facilities.
  • Develop a financial plan and project timeline to start construction no later than 2025.
small businessesObjectives:
  • Improve relations with the small business community to support their continued growth.
  • Expand support for the small business community beyond the local Chamber of Commerce.