What are Services?

Core Services: Those services which meet one or more of the following criteria:
The Village is legally obligated to provide the service
The Village is intended to be the sole source provider for the service
The service fulfills a basic need, such as one which ensures health or safety

Discretionary Services: Those services provided by the Village which are not identified as Core Services; discretionary services are prioritized by their impact on the delivery of core services, the level of community demand, private market availability and are funded based upon available resources

Why do we need to categorize and rationalize core and discretionary services?


Service categorization and rationalization is essential to strengthening the Village’s financial health.  It ensures there is agreement on what we are in business to do and commits to fully funding those services.

How do we plan to categorize and rationalize services?


The consistent application of the definitions of core and discretionary services will provide the filters through which services will be categorized and prioritized. This multi-faceted project will be completed in the following phases:

Phase 1

Collect data on all services provided from all departments.

View the Phase 1 Scope
View the Phase 1 Summary

Phase 2

Analyze, categorize and prioritize core and discretionary services using the criteria set in the strategic plan.

View the Phase 2 Scope
View the Phase 2 Summary

Phase 3

Communicate draft categorization and prioritization to stakeholders for input and feedback.

View the Phase 3 Scope
View the Phase 3 Summary

Phase 4

Finalize categorization and prioritization of services and make recommendations to support financial health and operational excellence.

View the Phase 4 Scope
View the Phase 4 Summary

*Each phase will have its own scope, objective, due date, budget, and project plan.

Phase 1 is complete. The objective for Phase 2 is to analyze, categorize, and prioritize core and discretionary services using the criteria set in the strategic plan

  • Design a document to list all core and discretionary services

  • Prioritize core services using ranking scale

  • Prioritize discretionary services using ranking scale

  • Review data with department heads

Who will ensure core services are properly defined?

Realizing Core Services will be primarily dependent upon the collaborative interest and investment of the Village Board and the entire workforce. Secondary stakeholder groups may provide input.  The team below is dedicated and committed to this project.

David Brey,
David Brey,Executive Sponsor
Chief of Police
Matt Rossi,
Matt Rossi,Project Manager
Assistant Finance Director
Tricia O'Donnell,
Tricia O'Donnell,Core Team Member
Management Analyst
Judy Hoaglin,
Judy Hoaglin,Core Team Member
Fiscal Specialist II