What is Voice of Customer?

Pursuing Voice of Customer is about ensuring that the development and implementation of strategy work isn’t conducted in a vacuum. Voice of Customer is soliciting input, encouraging dialog and measuring the success of these efforts. Voice of Customer Initiatives are intended to support achievement of our vision to empower stakeholders and provide access to collaborative opportunities.

Why do we want to pursue Voice of Customer Initiatives?


In order to engage and empower our customers, we need to know who they are and then develop processes to ensure we are actively gathering an accurate picture of their perspectives in order to realize their involvement in key decision making.

How do we plan to understand the voice of the customer?

The results of this project will be critical to the ongoing development of effective Voice of Customer initiatives within the Village. This project involves a number of phases to fully identify and incorporate the voice of the customer.

Phase 1

Define who we will work with to obtain the voice of customer.

View the Phase 1 Scope
View the Phase 1 Summary

Phase 2

Inventory all current sources of data which can be used as part of the VOC program.

View the Phase 2 Scope
View the Phase 2 Results

Phase 3

(with multiple subphases)
Develop customer group specific data collection, analysis, and distribution plans.

View the Phase 3A Scope
View the Phase 3A Goals

Phase 4

Analyze data collected and distribute as planned.

Phase 5

Identify how data gathered from different customer groups can be combined and prioritized.

Phase 6

Prepare a plan to review lists and priorities used to capture the VOC.

*Each phase will have its own scope, objective, due date, budget, and project plan.

Phase 1 has been completed. The objective for Phase 2 is to identify the following for use in future phases to develop and improve Voice of the Customer processes:

  • The various processes and action the Village currently has to gather the Voice of the Customer

    • Traditional processes where we compile the information to help make management decisions
    • Non-traditional processes where information is received but may not be compiled or recorded
  • Which customer groups (defined in Phase 1) do these processes affect

Who will ensure the Voice of Customer is heard?

Understanding Voice of Customer will be primarily dependent upon the collaborative interest and investment of the Village Board and the entire workforce. Secondary stakeholder groups may provide input.  The team below is dedicated and committed to this project.

Fred Mullard,
Fred Mullard,Executive Sponsor
Community Services Director
Megan Croy,
Megan Croy,Project Manager
Assistant Parks and Recreation Director
Tom VanEnkevort,
Tom VanEnkevort,Core Team Member
Trevor Smith,
Trevor Smith,Core Team Member
Customer Service Specialist