Operational Excellence
Phase 4 and Project Summary

What happened over the course of Phase 4?

We have created a project to implement an organization-wide program to pursue operational excellence (OE) to strengthen the Village’s financial health. The adoption of operational excellence as a core part of our overall strategy will be an on-going process. The purpose is to create a foundation to build upon so that operational excellence becomes a cornerstone tenet of our organizational culture.

Phase 4 will provide a brief recap of what was accomplished in Phases 1 – 3, as well as provide the final recommendations and implementations of the OE initiative.

Recap of Phases 1 – 3:

Phase 1 – Through workshops and an organization-wide survey, the entire workforce of the Village collectively defined and agreed upon examples of Training, Compensation, Technology and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the Village.

Phase 2 – Analyzed and assessed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) on Training, Compensation, Technology and  KPI’s. The analyses on Training, KPI’s and Technology were developed internally by the OE team and extended team members throughout the Village. The analysis on Compensation was performed by an independent consultant who specializes in public sector consulting.

Phase 3 – Transitioned the SWOT analyses findings and consultant study into four work products. Training and compensation philosophies were developed. The team developed KPI’s for each division/department with the Village. A dashboard page on the Village website will offer residents and other staff an opportunity to track these performance indicators. An assessment of current and available technology investments were identified by each division/department through the Fiscal Year 2019 budget process.

Phase 4 Summary:

Based on the definition and SWOT analysis, the Human Resources Manager will develop a consistent and universal on-boarding document and process for new employees when they start with the Village. Staff will also leverage current technology for tracking and providing training throughout the Village as this can vary greatly from the type of position or the department an employee works in.

The Personnel Rules and Regulations were updated to include the new compensation philosophy, matrix and the results from the classification and compensation study that was performed and completed in 2018. The recommendations from the study resulted in a complete compensation and classification overhaul for the entire organization. The Fiscal Year 2019 budget included all of these changes.

A renewed focus has been placed on technology, leveraging and updating our current investments, as well as investing in new technologies to help achieve OE. The Fiscal year 2019 budget includes enhancements/upgrades to Laserfiche, Kronos, Telestaff, RecTrac, Survey Monkey, NeoGov, and the Village website. In addition, there are several new technology investments that were approved in the Fiscal year 2019 budget:

  • Waterly – water system data collection and reporting tool
  • Oxcart – online permit application system
  • Ordinance violation management system– citation processing and debt collecting for parking tickets and other violations
  • Network Management Appliance – equipment that will provide greater control of network resources by combining asset management, help desk, knowledgebase, reporting, monitoring and remote installs into one device
  • Verizon telematics/GPS fleet management software

These performance measures will gauge and track the overall operational effectiveness of each division/department in the Village. These KPI’s replace the old budget indicators in the annual budget document and were first introduced in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget. A dashboard is currently being built that will display these KPI’s in real time on the Village’s website that will be updated and monitored and available to our stakeholders.

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