Core & Discretionary Services
Phase 4 and Project Summary

What happened over the course of Phase 4?

We have created a project to categorize core and discretionary services in an effort to ensure we can strengthen the Village’s financial health. The output of this project will be a listing of core services, a listing of prioritized discretionary services and recommendation of discretionary services to be considered for elimination. Categorizing and prioritizing services as a core part of our overall strategy will be an on-going process.

Recap of Phases 1 – 3:

Phase 1 – A Questionnaire was created by the services group and distributed to every employee within the Village. This questionnaire asked each employee what services they are responsible for and whether they are core or discretionary. This data was the framework for the next four phases

Phase 2 – The services list gathered in phase 1 were assessed, consolidated, and organized into subcategories underneath the core and discretionary umbrella. The group spent significant time with multiple employees across the Village to ensure the questionnaires encompassed all activity for each department.

Phase 3 – Department heads were asked to review their list of core and discretionary services and take one of the following actions.

  • Keep the status quo
  • Eliminate the service
  • Modify the service
  • Recommend or research for outsourcing

Phase three provided the group with a completed list from each department on their core and discretionary services and what type of action they recommend to take on their discretionary services

Phase 4 Summary:

A final report was created where we identified six services that were eliminated or changed throughout the course of the project, and six additional services that will be further researched for modification or elimination. The process of reviewing all Village services will be completed every two years to confirm everything is identified properly. If a Department wants to implement a new service they will be required to ask for formal approval during the budget preparation process. This will ensure new services fall within the parameters of the strategic plan.

The full list of core and discretionary services that the group compiled can be found at the link below:

Core/Discretionary Services
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