Phase 3 Summary

What happened over the course of Phase 3?

The objective for phase 3 for Categorize & Rationalize Services was to communicate the draft categorizations and prioritizations of services to stakeholders for input and feedback by taking the following steps.

  • Meeting with each department head to review and finalize the department’s input and data.

  • Update elected officials on draft categorization and prioritization with examples of project outputs already implemented or pending implementation.

  • Identify discretionary servies that can be eliminated modified or outsourced.

Course of Action

After the completion of phase 2, the group had an organized list of all services its employees provide to the Village. They were organized by department and were assigned as either a core or discretionary service. As stated above, the next step was to meet with department heads to review their list one final time. These meeting consisted of reviewing the discretionary items listed and deciding what course of action should be taken on them. The options were as followed:

Keep the
Status Quo

the Service

the Service

Recommend or Research for Outsourcing

At the Ad Hoc strategic plan update meeting in July, Chief Brey provided multiple examples to the Village Board of discretionary services that were altered, or are planned to be altered, in one of the ways listed above. All of these modifications were done at the management level and include the elimination of the DARE program, change of policy to not respond to medical assist calls, moving to paperless Record Management System, and the potential to outsource certain Public Works services.

What were the results?

The end result of this phase was a completed listing from each department on their core and discretionary services and what type of action they recommend to take on their discretionary services. An unexpected outcome from phase 3 was that department heads also recognized some of their core services that have the potential to be modified or have the potential to be outsourced.

What is the next step?

The group will be starting phase 4 which includes finalizing the categorization and prioritization of services and making recommendations to support financial health and operational excellence. Since the project initiated in early 2018, the group has identified a lot of services that could be modified or eliminated immediately. Village staff found it to be more appropriate to take prompt action on those services versus waiting until the conclusion of the project to increase the financial health of the village immediately.

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