Voice of Customer
Phase 1 Summary

What happened over the course of Phase 1?

Phase 1 of the Voice of Customer strategic plan initiative was developed to identify who within the community are customers of the Village and group them based on similar attributes and characteristics. The ultimate goal of Phase 1 was to generate a list of customer groups and prioritize them based on the relative importance of the group to the long-term financial health and operational excellence of the Village.

The Voice of Customer team met with employee groups from every department to generate a complete list of customers. These meetings were held during regular department meetings and roll call times to ensure all employee opinions were received. Alternative meetings were scheduled for employees not able to attend initial meetings.

After the customer list was generated, the Voice of Customer team met to discuss appropriate groupings and attributes. Once compiled, the list was sent along with questions via Survey Monkey to the entire workforce for input and feedback. The results are as follows:

71 Employees

attended Voice of Customer meetings to provide input on classifying customers of the Village.

14 Employees

responded to the customer grouping survey within a 10 day period.


86% of the respondents agreed with the customer groupings, attributes, and provided no comments.

Input Received from Survey Results

What are the resulting groups and attributes?

The final groupings and key attributes are as follows.

View the Customer Groups and Key Attributes



Village Board
Other Village Departments

Customers of Businesses
Vendors to Businesses
Prospective Businesses
Event Sponsors


Neighboring Communities
Fire Departments
Sanitary District
Other Public Service Entities

Aircraft Owners and Tenants
Program Participants
Civic Groups
Facility Renters
Lake Users
Park Users
Affiliate Groups
Unincorporated Water

Guests of Residents
Transient Pilots
FOIA Requestors
Non-flight Airport Guests

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