Public Works

Key Performance Indicators

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Village streets, airport, water supply system, parkways, trees, signs, sidewalks, lakes, beaches, dams, parks and fleet maintenance for all Village vehicles. It is divided into five divisions that specialize in each of these areas: Administration, Streets, Water, Public Properties and Airport.

On Target

In Progress

Needs Improvement

Data Coming Soon

Administration Division KPIs

Budget Management

Reportable Equipment Accidents

Lost Work Days

Resident Approval Rating

Airport Division KPIs

T-Hangar Occupancy

Jet A Fuel Sales

100 LL Fuel Sales

Based Aircraft

Public Properties Division KPIs

Parks Management Cost

Service Request Response Time

Emergency Equipment Repair Frequency

Streets Division KPIs

Trees Planted vs. Removed

Pothole Asphalt Used

Vehicle Breakdowns

Salt Used Per Snow Event

Pavement Conditions

Water Division KPIs

Fire Hydrant Reliability

Water Loss

Treatment Plant Reliabiltiy

Water Main Breaks

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